My Name is
Kumiko Kuwabara,
from Tokyo, Japan.

I am a multidisciplinary designer and web developer.


Designing digital&visual products is my passion, pursuing an idea that efficient design can contribute to making this society a better place.

I’ve lived/studied/worked in various countries and gained diverse skills and experiences from each place.

Japan, where I grew up, made me a detail-oriented person. In Spain and In Mexico, I profound my aesthetic sensibility. In Austria, I incorporated marketing perspective into my design process. And in Switzerland, I developed a sense of social engagement.

Putting into practice all that I’ve experienced, I’m working as a freelance designer.

what I do

Web/UI Design Web Development Illustration Side projects

I design a website/interface taking into account the personality of a project, targeted users, and easy-access to information. And of course, my design is compatible with all kind of devices from laptop to smartphone.
I also set up and customise Word Press site for you.

To support a pleasurable digital experience, clean and well-structured code is essential. Code, as well as visual elements, is essential to bring design to life.

Illustration reinforces a personal touch of design and create a amiable impression.Visual information also increases comprehension and is much more memorable than written information.

Side projects are where I learn and experiment something new, from design to handcrafting. They allow me to expand my ideas and skills and later I can translate experiences into professional works.

I specialize in a multi-disciplined approach to my work, incorporating design and development and mixing digital and manual approach.
In the era of overflowing information that comes and goes, I believe that bringing design to life with mixed tool strengthens the message.


If you'd like to make an enquiry, please feel free to get in touch, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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